Monday, 3 July 2017

Hampton Court Flower Show

I can't believe a year has passed since my visit to Hampton Court Flower Show. Colour and perfume from the flowers, music from the bands, hustle and bustle from the visitors, glistening fountains, picnics, it was a lovely day.

This was one of my favourite gardens, I love the selection of flowers and the cabinet of pots decorated with bunting, it looks so pretty. I have decided to use this picture for my next scrapbooking project.

Using one of Woodware's clear singles stamps "Bee Happy" JGS515 from a Maze of Memories I stamped a little off page to the left of my photo then cut around the right side of the image to hold the photo in place. On the right hand side I used one of my "old" Penny Black stamps, it's marked 1999! I cut around the left edge this time so I could slot the photo's in both sides.

Placing the images is important, if the two designs are too close you will buckle your photo so take care. 

The same stamps are used for the bottom photo and I have stamped and cut the flower tops so they fill in the dark gaps on the photo. If you have a go don't get carried away and cut the whole shapes out!

To work out spacing around the photo stamp the largest image first, hold the photo above the image and work out by eye where you are going to slot the photo in. Place the photo on top and mark the opposite edge with a pencil. When you stamp the second image (remove the photo) you have to stamp the image so it overlaps your pencil mark. Practice on scrap paper if you are unsure. 

Colouring is great fun, choose bright and bold or go pastel the nice thing is anything goes.

Did you notice the doodled border?

I will add lettering to say "Hampton Court Flower Show" then I might put the date on a watering can and hang it from one of the letters. A couple of bees or a butterfly a little glitter and it will be ready to put in my album.

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  1. I Love it!!! Do share once it is finished. It would be a marvellous page to display on a frame ion the wall too! Christina x