Sunday, 7 May 2017

Dylusion Paints

There's nothing like a bright sunny morning to encourage bright colours in crafting, I love the latest Dylusion paints which come in 59ml pots suitable for dipping brushes, cloth, cards into.

I am using Lemon Zest, Fresh Lime, Cut Grass and a Pure Sunshine ink spray.

By dipping a corner of a baby wipe in the lemon zest pot to pick up the smallest amount of paint I then used the full wet wipe round my fingers to spread the paint over the card. (When you have a go spray water over the sheet to help the colour move if it's a bit dry.) Start with a small amount of paint, you can always add more paint.

I started on an A4 sheet so I can make four background pieces. Using Fresh Lime paint applied with a baby wipe I made a cross on the centre and added more paint around the edge. Next a small amount of Cut Grass adds depth to the cross and edges.

The bubble effect on the left hand side is Pure Sunshine ink sprayed through a stencil, it compliments the paint colours beautifully.

Decision, decisions, what images shall I use for my card fronts?

It's such an quick and easy way to make a selection of cards.

I added more Cut Grass paint to the edge of the fourth piece which will be perfect for the Eiffel Tower stamp! It reminds me of spring time in Paris.

Grabbing a few Zig pens I decided to colour a couple of my pieces. Starting with the Circle Flower stamps I used pen colours to compliment the paint.

Then I used a wilder selection of colours for the Wiggly Stems flower stamp.

Once the pieces are mounted I will add a little glitter and maybe a couple of accessories or a greeting.

As mentioned before all the materials used can be purchased from

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