Saturday, 22 April 2017

Little Monkeys

This time last week I had a great day out at Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre it was a bit of a journey from Eastbourne but Coach Trips are available through Lynn's Travel so it was great to sit back and admire the countryside as we traveled.

Many of the apes have been rescued from terrible conditions, as you walk through the centre its incredible to see the care and commitment given by those who run Monkey World.

As we walked round there were times when we wondered who was watching who?

Imagine the time, work, funding and commitment it must have taken to set up this part of the centre. There were one or two sad moments - we saw the cramped empty cages that several apes had been rescued from and two characters who where only in the early stages of recovery. They will need a lot of care to recover from the traumas they have suffered.

It was a pleasure and inspiration to visit the centre, a real credit to Jim Cronin.

There are many ways to help Monkey World including the donation of items that cost very little, for details check out

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  1. We went to Monkey World years ago - so glad it is going from strength to strength. Did you make the card? Love the stencilled background and what a great image!