Monday, 17 April 2017

Easter Monday

One evening my sister popped round and I had chance to have a play with a selection of Pixie Powders I bought from You can see from my photo's it was quite addictive trying the different powders and applying them in different ways.

Golden Mint and Purple Violet were a couple of my favourites, can you see the sheen from the mica? The powders are so easy to use, in this piece I sprayed a piece of card with water then flicked the powder over the wet area then and sprayed more water over the top.

I used less powder and more water on this piece.

I created a wash with water and powder for the sky and grass above then stamped some chickens and bird houses over the top using some of the characters from yesterdays blog to decorate them. The sheen from the mica isn't obvious from the photo but the background looks gorgeous. I am going to shape the chickens before I stick them on so they look nice and plump.

Using a zig pen I have drawn little strokes in different colours to indicate patches of grass. One flower head is used for the sun, a little glitter on their tail feathers and the sun finishes the scene.

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